Getting Food For Your Local Food Service Program

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Like many, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to help the poor and hungry people in your city. Luckily, starting a food service program can be a way for you and your neighborhood to offer some assistance. But where will the food come from? Here are three ways to get the food you need for your program. Contact Local Bakeries, Supermarkets and Restaurants The very first thing you can do to get food for the less fortunate in your city is to reach out to businesses that serve and sell food every day. Each year in this country, about 133 billion pounds of consumable food is thrown away; if you can reach some of these companies before they dispose of extra food, they may prove to be a great source of consumable products. Collect Food Through a Holiday Food Drive Businesses aren’t the only entities that throw away food. Just as you might have thrown out food that you just didn’t eat, many families in the area are not using all the food in their homes. You can encourage them to provide that extra food to the less fortunate by hosting holiday food drives throughout the year. To make it easier for people to participate, you may opt to provide each house with an empty bag and arrange for items to be picked up. Grow Food in the Neighborhood If you can get enough people interested, a neighborhood garden that is tended by volunteers can be another way to guarantee that food is available for anyone who needs it in your city. To have an effective garden you’ll need to first appeal to the city permits office or other city employees to determine where the site of the garden will be. Skipping this step may lead to fines and other problems. Once you have an adequate site, you’ll need to contact local home improvement stores to see if they will provide seeds and supplies to get the garden growing. Of course, take steps to secure the garden from pests and critters with fencing and other measures. You might enlist the help of local schools so that kids can spend some volunteer hours there learning to tend the garden and help with any activities. When you put all of these ideas into motion, you can expect an ample food service program that can help those who need food. Talk with representatives from different food services in the area to get more ideas about what you may be able to do to help even more. To learn more, speak with a business like New Horizon...

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5 Questions to Ask Before Booking a BBQ Catering Business

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If you’re looking to have food catered for a special event, you can’t go wrong with barbecue. After all, BBQ food tends to be affordable–and who doesn’t love it? From burgers and hot dogs to brisket, pulled pork, and ribs, you’ve got some great options that are sure to please for just about any event. Before you book with just any BBQ catering company, however, there are some questions worth asking. Do You Have Vegetarian Options Available? First of all, consider any special diets people in your group may have. Meats are staples of barbecue food, but any well rounded catering company should have some vegetarian and possibly even gluten-free options available to suit less conventional diets.  Are Paper Goods Included With Catering? It’s also important to find out what kind of cutlery and other dinnerware will be included (if any) with your catering package. Some catering companies will go all out and bring in their own dishes, glasses, and silverware. However, most will either bring disposable ware or may even ask you to provide your own. When are Final Head Counts Needed? To make sure there’s plenty of food to go around at your event, your catering company will probably need a final head count by a certain date before your event. This is especially important for individual food items, such as burgers, steaks, and other cuts of meat of which there may not be extras. Be sure to find out when your final head count will be due. Do You Offer Full-Service and Self-Serve Options? Depending on your specific catering needs, some BBQ catering companies may offer anything from self-serve to full-service catering. If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly choice, self-serve would allow you to have the food dropped off. From there, you’d be the one to handle the serving and cleaning up of the food. If this seems like too much work, find a company that offers a full-service catering option with set-up, wait staff, and clean-up. How Do You Keep the Food Warm During Transport? Finally, because BBQ meats and other items can quickly spoil if not kept at idea temperatures, it’s important that you find how your caterer will keep food warm during transport to your event venue. Most will have “hot box” systems in place to keep food at a controlled temperature, but you should find out before you decide to sign any contracts. If you’re thinking of hiring a BBQ catering service, start looking into local options, such as Bassett Caterers, to see which might work for...

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Three Signs That Your Stove’s Control Knobs Need To Be Replaced

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The control knobs on your stove are essential if you want to precisely control how much heat the flames or the grates emit. Any problems with the knobs could mean that the temperature on an active stove isn’t actually the temperature you intended. To determine whether your gas or electric stove’s control knobs need to be replaced, watch out for these three signs: Knobs Make Any Noise When You Turn Them Whether your stove is new or old, its knobs were most likely designed to make as little noise as possible when you move them. If you suddenly start hearing a grinding sound when you turn one of your stove’s knobs, it could be a sign that the knob is grinding against the metal bar it encloses. If this is the case, there’s a good chance that your stove’s internal mechanism for determining how much heat to emit isn’t moving in sync with the knob anymore. On the other hand, if you’ve consistently heard a specific sound ever since you began using your stove, there probably isn’t a problem with the knobs. In the specific case of a gas stove making a clicking sound whenever you turn it on, the sound is coming from the base of the flame and not the knob itself. You Can’t Remove The Knobs Without Using Pliers Sometimes knobs fuse with their surroundings to such an extent that you can only remove them from a stove with pliers. If this is a problem with the knobs on your particular stove, it means that debilitating food and grease buildup has gone on unopposed for a very long time. Since stove knobs aren’t very expensive, replacing them is often a better alternative than dealing with them after their surfaces have been thoroughly tarnished and eroded by food and grease buildup. If you ignore this problem, it’ll start affecting how well you can control the heat level on your stove before long. Knobs Move At All After You Let Go Of Them While stickiness is bad, a knob that’s loose is worse. In fact, even a little bit of movement on a stove knob after you let go of it is a bad sign. When you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to twist a loose knob a little too hard and end up with a stove temperature much higher than you intended. To head off the disaster you would create by such a slip up, replace any loose knobs with new and sturdy ones as soon as possible. Don’t take the state of your stove’s knobs lightly just because they’re not the most important components of the machine they’re attached to. As even totally replacing your stove’s knobs will be easy and almost painless, there’s no excuse to neglect any problems with them. To learn more, contact a company like K & D Factory Service...

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Homebrewing Items To Get Your Brew On

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Brewing requires special equipment to help you obtain the right beer taste. In order to get that yummy warm beer you desire, you will need to take some malt, hops, and water until you get a warm sugary liquid. Once this is concocted, you then add yeast and fungus to the beer. Add some sugar and you have now made your own beer. Whether this is your first time making the beer or you have done it many times, there is special equipment that is necessary and equipment that can help make the process easier. If you are looking to extend your hobby of home brewing or start your own small business, here are some items you should look into investing in.  Thermometer The saying, “the more, the merrier” can definitely be applied to thermometers for homebrewing. You can never have too many thermometers as you want to be able to continually check on your beer temperature. You can choose from a basic digital thermometer to an infrared thermometer. Both can be useful when brewing your own craft beer. You can easily purchase an infrared thermometer for about $129.99. Propane Burner Instead of spending time hovering over your stove top, a propane burner made specifically for your brewing hobby can be beneficial. You can get your mixture boiling in no time with a propane burner that puts out a lot of heat. For a better experience, you may want to look for one that has a boil over valve that helps prevent spills. You can find a high end model for about $139.99.  Brew Kettles To help boil your wort, you are going to want a nice brew kettle. The larger your brew kettle is, the hops get used more efficiently. In return, your beer will become clearer as you make it. You can find brew kettles of all sizes and price ranges. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to over $300.  Miscellaneous Items What brewer doesn’t like to experiment from time to time? If you really want to get more invested in homebrewing, you may want to pick up a recipe book to try new recipes. This is great for those who have family and friends who like to try your beer creations. You also want to invest in some bottles to house your beer. This can make great gifts for those who enjoy craft beers.  To learn more about craft beer, visit a company like Hoboken Beer & Soda...

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