Brewing requires special equipment to help you obtain the right beer taste. In order to get that yummy warm beer you desire, you will need to take some malt, hops, and water until you get a warm sugary liquid. Once this is concocted, you then add yeast and fungus to the beer. Add some sugar and you have now made your own beer. Whether this is your first time making the beer or you have done it many times, there is special equipment that is necessary and equipment that can help make the process easier. If you are looking to extend your hobby of home brewing or start your own small business, here are some items you should look into investing in. 


The saying, "the more, the merrier" can definitely be applied to thermometers for homebrewing. You can never have too many thermometers as you want to be able to continually check on your beer temperature. You can choose from a basic digital thermometer to an infrared thermometer. Both can be useful when brewing your own craft beer. You can easily purchase an infrared thermometer for about $129.99.

Propane Burner

Instead of spending time hovering over your stove top, a propane burner made specifically for your brewing hobby can be beneficial. You can get your mixture boiling in no time with a propane burner that puts out a lot of heat. For a better experience, you may want to look for one that has a boil over valve that helps prevent spills. You can find a high end model for about $139.99

Brew Kettles

To help boil your wort, you are going to want a nice brew kettle. The larger your brew kettle is, the hops get used more efficiently. In return, your beer will become clearer as you make it. You can find brew kettles of all sizes and price ranges. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to over $300

Miscellaneous Items

What brewer doesn't like to experiment from time to time? If you really want to get more invested in homebrewing, you may want to pick up a recipe book to try new recipes. This is great for those who have family and friends who like to try your beer creations. You also want to invest in some bottles to house your beer. This can make great gifts for those who enjoy craft beers. 

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