When you're having an event catered, it's important to think about the season when you're developing the menu. During the summer, fresh fruit may be something to think about. For a fall event, apple pie can be a perfect dessert. If you're planning a catered event for the winter months, you'll want to choose some menu options that will help to warm people up. This can especially be true if some of your guests will be outdoors in advance of eating. Your catering professional can offer you a wide range of warming dishes that will satisfy your event's attendees. Here are some types of food that you'll want to add to the menu.

Comfort Food

When it's cold outside, there are few types of food that are more satisfying than comfort food. While the type of event will partly influence what kinds of comfort food you want to have available, there are lots of potential choices to discuss with your catering service. Macaroni and cheese is a classic example of a comfort food that your young and old guests will enjoy. Scalloped potatoes can be another popular comfort food dish that your caterer can provide. A variety of Italian pasta dishes — lasagna and manicotti, for example — can also fit this description.

Spicy Food

A lot of people enjoy spicy fare on a cold day, as they feel that it warms their bodies to some degree. While you won't want every dish on your event menu to be spicy, having a handful of spicy options will be a good choice. Chili, tacos, hot chicken wings, and other similar dishes are all ideal spicy foods if your catered event will be on the casual side. If your event will be more formal and you'd like food choices that are a little more upscale, talk to your caterer about how to include spiciness into several of the dishes.

Hot Desserts

Hot desserts will be popular during your wintertime catered event. This isn't the time of year to offer ice cream or other chilled treats, so talk to your caterer about what hot desserts it can offer. Apple crumble can be a good choice, as can bread pudding. Chocolate souffle, warm brownies with chocolate drizzle, poached pears, and even hot chocolate with a few tasty toppings can all be ideal to wrap up the meal for your guests before they head out into the cold.

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