If you're someone who loves the taste of cheese, you might frequently find yourself looking for new ways to add it to your diet. While there are certainly all sorts of different cheeses that you can buy and try on their own, another option is to look for baked goods that feature cheese. Visit your local bakery to take stock of its selection of products, and you'll likely encounter a number of options. Here are some bakery products in which cheese in a central ingredient.

Cheese Bread

Most bakeries sell one or more types of cheese bread, so this is something that you'll almost certainly see on display. There are many different varieties of cheese bread that you'll encounter, but most consist of a loaf of bread that has cheese baked into the top and may also have cheese inside of the actual loaf. Toasting a slice of this bread is one way to enjoy it, but you can also use it for sandwiches if you love sandwiches that feature cheese. Another option is to reserve a few slices of cheese bread, allow them to get a little stale, and then cube them and bake them to make cheesy homemade croutons that you can add to your salads.

Cream Cheese Pastries

Most cheese-related baked goods are savory, but there are definitely some sweet items that contain cheese. Cream cheese, in particular, is a popular type of cheese in sweet baked goods, so you're apt to find some of these products at your local bakery. One such product is a cream cheese pastry, which can come in many different forms. Commonly, this baked good will consist of a tart-like base that has cream cheese in the center, and may also have jam or berries and a sugar glaze to provide some sweetness.

Cheese Scones

Scones can also be sweet or savory, and you're apt to find both styles at many bakeries. If you're on the hunt for cheese, look for a savory cheese scone. It may be as simple as a plain scone with cheese on top, or there may be other noteworthy ingredients. For example, you might find a savory scone that includes cheese, sausage, and onion. This type of product can be desirable as a breakfast food or as a mid-morning snack that helps you to feel full until lunch. Don't hesitate to visit a few local bakeries' websites to get a sense of what cheese-related baked goods they frequently have available.