A commercial food bowl chopper offers speed and consistency, especially when preparing meals in a busy restaurant. While the chopper is often used for vegetables, you can get a lot of use out of a chopper when you infuse fruit elements into your menu.

Learn about four ways to use food bowl choppers for fruit and how to change up a restaurant menu with unique offerings.

1. Smoothie Ingredients

Offer fresh drink options with fruit smoothies. Instead of chopping up fruit each time a smoothie is ordered, you can use a food bowl chopper ahead of time. Place large quantities of fruit into the chopper and then let the chopper cut the fruit down to small slices.

Place all of the chopped fruit into a container and then freeze the container. The frozen fruit will help make the smoothies cold, and you can easily blend portions when you prepare smoothies for customers. A food bowl chopper has the space available to easily chop up multiple fruits and create a good blend for smoothies.

2. Fruit Salads

The chopped fruit you prepare for smoothies is also an ideal option if you want to serve up fruit salads. Combine fruits like strawberries, grapes, watermelon, apples and cantaloupe into the same chopping bowl to create an evenly blended fruit salad that features bite-sized pieces.

The more you use a chopper, the easier it will become to blend fruits together and create your ideal fruit salad options.

3. Breakfast Fillers

If your restaurant has a breakfast menu, then a food bowl chopper will make it easy to prepare fruits for use in breakfast meals. For example, if you offer strawberry pancakes on your menu, then you can chop up strawberries into small pieces and use them in the pancake batter.

If you bake items at your restaurant, then the chopper can help break down items for options like apple cake or cupcakes. Once the chopping has been completed, you can easily pull out the bowl and add the chopped fruit to a mixer. Consider the chopper for other meals like stuffed French toast as well.

4. Homemade Jams

Another breakfast option is the creation of a homemade jam. You can chop and break down fruit to create a mushy form that is ideal for creating jams and jellies. Run a chopper for a little longer to break down the fruit more so it's easier to work with and so the jams are not too chunky.

The more you experiment with a chopper, the more ways you can play around with fruit recipes.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers food bowl choppers.