Many restaurants that sell burgers still make their patties by hand, and this might be the case for your restaurant, too. If you're thinking about making the switch to using a hamburger moulder to make patties instead of making them by hand, you're probably hoping it will benefit your restaurant. Luckily, you are actually sure to notice a variety of benefits once you make this switch, including the benefits below.

Cook Times Will Be More Consistent

You probably strive to provide your customers with properly cooked burgers every time. If all of your patties are in different shapes and sizes, however, it can be difficult to know exactly how to cook them. Some might have to cook quite a bit longer than others, for example. Once you use a moulder to make all of your patties the same size and shape, though, you should notice that cook times are much more consistent. This allows you to provide a more properly cooked product for each customer, and it takes some of the guesswork out of running your kitchen.

Burgers Will Fit Properly on Buns

Right now, your burger patties might not always fit properly on your hamburger buns. If you use a hamburger moulder that is properly sized based off of the type of buns that you use, however, you can make sure that your patties fit properly on your buns each time.

Burger Patties Will Look Nicer

Even though your burgers might taste great, your patties might not look their best. Burger patties that are made with hamburger moulder equipment can be made to look a lot nicer, though. Since presentation is important, you'll probably be glad to make your burger patties look their best with the help of this simple equipment.

You'll Stop Wasting Ingredients

If you feel like your employees are wasting ground beef or other ingredients when making patties, you could be worried about how your restaurant's bottom line is affected. You can stop wasting ingredients and keep food costs where they should be by measuring ingredients and using hamburger moulders to make your patties.

You'll Be Able to Prepare More Patties in Less Time

Right now, if the staff who works in your kitchen make your burger patties by hand, then they might have to spend quite a bit of time working on each batch. This can cause you to run out of hamburger patties during a busy lunch shift, or you might find that your staff members spend so much time on making handmade patties that they aren't able to get other important things done in the kitchen. You can be sure your employees prepare more patties in less time with the help of a hamburger moulder, however.